About Me

Kathleen M. McLinn
9499 Brayton Dr. #191
Anchorage, AK 99507

Secondary Teaching Experience
Dillingham Middle High School. Dillingham, Alaska.             Fall 2002- Spring 2014
    English, Social Studies, Health, Grades 6-12
Kotzebue High School.  Kotzebue, Alaska.                 Fall 2000- Spring 2002
    English, Social Studies, Grades 9-12
Mountainside Middle School. Scottsdale, Arizona.             Fall 1997- Spring 2000
    Humanities, English, Social Studies, Grade 7
Desert Mountain High School. Scottsdale, Arizona.            Fall 1995- Spring 1997
    World Geography, Economics, Grades 9-12
Saguaro High School.  Scottsdale, Arizona.                 Fall 1993- Spring 1995
    American History, Economics, Psychology, Grades 11-12

Post-Secondary Teaching Experience
Bristol Bay Campus, University of Alaska Fairbanks                 2002- 2012
    College Writing, Business English, Leadership and Lateral Thinking
Chuckchi Campus, University of Alaska Fairbanks                2000-2002
    Developmental Reading, College Writing, Business English

Masters of Arts in Social and Philosophical Foundations in Education. Thesis- A Curriculum Toward Understanding and Improving the Self, Society, and the Natural World. Arizona State University, 2003.
ESL Reading Endorsement Program. Arizona State University, 1998.
Post-Baccalaureate Secondary Education. Arizona State University, 1992.
Bachelor of Arts in History. Arizona State University, 1992.
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Arizona State University, 1991.

Professional Presentations and Publications
“A Vision for Tribal Wellness Court.” Addressing Curyung Tribe, Annual Meeting, November, 2013.
“4th R Curriculum.” One Day Training to Teachers Statewide, Health and Wellness Conference, 2011.
“Four Reasons Why We Need the Fourth R.” Health and Wellness Conference, Captain Cook Hotel,     2010.
Bringing our Kids Home Summit. Dillingham, Alaska. 2010.
“Community Engagement Action Planning.” Two-day workshop with Dillingham community leaders     and partners. Training of Promoters and Storytellers (TOPS), 2008.
“Education Summit.” Nutan Wellness Conference. Dillingham, Alaska. 2008.s
A Curriculum Toward Understanding and Improving the Self, Society, and the Natural World.  Thesis     M.A. 570 pp. Arizona State University, 2003.
“Living Timeline: An Integrated Approach.” Central Arizona Middle Level Association. Phoenix,         AZ.  Spring 2000.
“”Like China in the Bull Shop: Classroom Accidents Waiting To Happen and Downshifting into         Boredom.” co-authored by Dr. Robert Castle. The Journal of Alternative Education.  Vol. 4.     1997.
“What We Must Teach.” Symposium on School Improvement. Tucson, AZ. Spring, 1997.
“Social Studies Curriculum Proposal.” Phoenix Union High School District. [Consultant]             Phoenix, AZ. Spring, 1997.
 “Exploring Essential Questions.” Arizona Council for the Social Studies. Phoenix, AZ. Fall, 1996.
“Downshifted.” Arizona Council for the Social Studies. Fall, 1995.

Awards and Honors
Keynote Speaker. Curyung Tribe Annual Meeting, Dillingham, AK, 2013.
Commencement Speaker High School. Dillingham, AK, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2014.
Commencement Speaker Middle School. Dilllingham, AK, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013.
Commencement Speaker High School.  Kotzebue, AK, 2002.
Teacher of the Year. Dillingham School District.  Dillingham, AK, 2011.
Nominated, Teacher of the Year. Dillingham School District. Dillingham, AK, 2008, 2009, 2010.
Spirit of Youth Award, honoring Rebels to the Pebble. Anchorage, AK, 2009.
Peer Appreciation Award. Scottsdale School District.  Scottsdale, AZ, 1995.
Nominated, Charro Teacher of the Year. Scottsdale School District, 1995.

Professional Development Inservice Presentations
Dillingham Middle High School-wide- 2002-2014
    4th R Curriculum
    Differentiated Instruction
    Student Led Conferences
    Writing Process and Levels of Writing
    Writing Across the Curriculum
    Building Vocabulary Across the Curriculum
    PBiS- Implementing Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3
    Building the 40 Assets
    Advisory- Rationale and Curriculum
    Community Engagement  
    Cultural Responsiveness in the Classroom
    Best Practices in Reading and Writing  
Northwest Arctic Districtwide— 2000-2002
    Best Practices in Teaching Writing
    Best Practices in Teaching Reading
Scottsdale Unified School District- 1994-2000
    Educator Book Study  (Scottsdale site)
    Middle School Model Series (Scottsdale site)
    Portfolio Assessment (Scottsdale site)
School Leadership Positions
    4th R Statewide Trainer (2010- present)
    PBiS Committee (2008- 2013)
    RTI Team (2010- 2014)
    Responsible Thinking Classroom Committee (2008- 2010)
    Dillingham Education Association- President (2007-2009); Site Rep (2009-2013)            Alaska Literacy Association- President, Kotzebue Chapter, (2001-2002)
    Curriculum Committee- Social Studies/Language Arts (2008-2009)
    Reading Coach- Northwest Arctic School District (Fall 2000- Spring 2002)
            Teacher Mentor, Northwest Arctic School District (UAF) (2000- 2002)
            Writing Teacher Trainer, Alaska State Writing Consortium (2001)
            Curriculum Committee- Social Studies, Health (2001-2002)

School Extracurricular Positions
    2000-2006, 2009-2014- Dinner and a Book Club
    2002, 2003- Cross Country Coach
    2000-2002- Yearbook
    2002, 2003- Freshman, Sophomore Class Sponsor
    2001, 2004, 2006- Junior Class Sponsor, plan implement Prom
    2005, 2002, 2008- Senior Class Sponsor, plan implement Graduation
    2006, 2007, 2009- 8th grade Class Sponsor, plan implement 8th grade promotion
    2006-2012- Summer Programs-SPARKS, Soccer, Culture Camp, Paint and Plant, Ju-Jitzu
    2006-2014- Leadership and Assets Youth Coalition, Tribal Court, Youth Court, Wellness        2007-2014- Rebels to the Pebble, Alaska Youth Environmental Action
    2008- 2010- D.C. Close-Up
    2010- 2014- 7th grade Class Sponsor
    2012-2014- Natural Helpers

Community Engagement Advocacy
Community Engagement Advocate (2006-2014) – My job was to strengthen the 40 assets (Search Institute) for all of our youth through community engagement, inter-agency collaboration, and healthy adult relationships in sustainable ways.

Curyung Tribe (2007-2013)- I served on their Culture Committee and Wellness Committee for many years, partnering on many exciting projects, including Culture Camp, Wellness conferences, and Youth and Elders Events.  I was the Tribal Youth and Wellness Coordinator to research and give recommendations for a Tribal Wellness Court Model and Implementation Plan.  I also wrote their Comprehensive Culture Camp Curriculum.

City of Dillingham (2007- 2012)- A group of citizens and my youth leadership group lobbied for a Parks and Recreation Committee, so I served on the committee after it was sanctioned and formed. (2011-2013)  I received two Neighborhood Initiative Grants (2010, 2012) for youth-led community improvement projects.  I spent many hours working with the city’s Comprehensive Plan, which became the first city plan to have a wellness component. (2010, 2011)
Dillingham Parent Advisory Committee (2003-14)- This governing body represents the Curyung Tribe’s allocation of federal programs to the school district.  I served as teacher representative and it is this group that oversaw my community engagement duties.
Rural Alliance for Teens (2004- 2012); Chairman (2008- 2012); CANDU (2004- 2012)-RAFT and CANDU became dynamic active interagency groups, thus many partnerships and projects were created that continue to thrive today.

Nunamta Alukestai (2007-2013)- This coalition of villages is devoted to the preservation of their culture and the environment.  I was able to work with them, along with my leadership group, on many events and projects, including their annual Nushtival rallies.  They supported the youth in their efforts to create positive change for their community.  I was also contracted to write their Youth Leadership and Activism Curriculum (2009), and we implemented the curriculum to various groups of youth within the state.

Safe and Free Environment (2007- 2011)- SAFE hired me as a youth advocate because they wanted to support our shared vision for community engagement and youth of Dillingham.  They financed a vision for a one-stop shop for youth by establishing the MySpace Youth Center; the empowered me to implement the Summer Service Splash, which provided a rich offering of activities for our youth, including baseball, community barbecues, Curyung Culture Camp, SPARK day camp, youth leadership, activism and service projects, volleyball, soccer, ju-jitsu, painting dumpsters and planting flower beds; community garden, building benches and picnic tables, youth and Elders gatherings, storytelling, beading, Native dance, Elder interviews, bookmarks, Nushtival.

“Bristol Bay Youth Learn the art of Salmon Processing.” The Bristol Bay Times. July 2012.

“Community Mural in Dillingham.” Kids These Days. July 2007.

“Positive Outcomes in 15 School Districts.” http://alaskaice.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/09ICE_AIR_ReportFINAL-Web.pdf

“Dillingham Success Story.” http://alaskaice.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/09ICE_AIR_ReportFINAL-Web.pdf

“AK: To foster community support, add ICE- Cultural Context.”

“Building Blocks for Young People.” http://www.centerforpubliceducation.org/Main-Menu/Success-stories/Community/AK-To-foster-community-support-add-ICE.html

“Alaska Initiative for Community Engagement Summative Report.” American Institutes for Research. pp. 63-87.

Student Engagement Advocacy
Leadership and Assets Youth Coalition (2006- 2013)- I was the adult advisor for this amazing youth created and youth led group implemented Youth and Elders initiatives, Youth Court, D.C. Close-Up, Rebels to the Pebble (AYEA), Wellness Projects, Green Dot and anti-bullying workshops; many innovative and unique     community service and activist efforts. Most people didn’t know teenagers could accomplish so much.

Leaderships and Assets Coalition (LAYC) Presentations:
    ”Alaska Native Youth Perspectives Surrounding the Pebble Mine.”  Alaska Forum on the Environment.     2010. “Youth Making a Difference.” Youth Leadership Rural Provider’s Conference, Summer, 2011.     ‘What is a leader?’ Panel Discussion with Young Adult Activists.” Leadership Symposium,         Partner with UAF, April, 2011.  “Youth Making a Difference.” Western Alaska Science Consortium,     Bethel, Alaska, 2009. “Youth Making a Difference.”  Lead-On Youth Conference. 2009. “Green Dot.”     Lead-On Youth Conference. 2010.  Environmental Action (AYEA) Youth Leadership Summit. Bethel,     Juneau, Anchorage, 2009-12. “Alaska Native Youth Making a Difference.”  Alaska Federation of Natives     Youth and Elders     Conference. Green Dot.” Youth Leadership Rural Provider’s Conference, Summer,     2011.  “The Power of  Youth Leadership and Activism.” Alaska Forum on the Environment. 2010.        “Green Dot.” UAF Youth Leadership Symposium. 2010.
Leaderships and Assets Youth Coalition (LAYC) Sponsored Conferences:
    Youth Leadership Symposium, Partner with UAF, April, 2011.
    Youth Track, Rural Provider’s Conference, Summer, 2011.
    Youth Leadership Academy. Summer, 2011.
    Youth Leadership Workshop. New Stuyahok, 2010.
    Youth and Elders Wellness Conference; Finding our Vision and Voice. Fall, 2010.

Leaderships and Assets Youth Coalition (LAYC) Testimony and Rally Events:
      Rally and testimony to Secretary of Interior Salazar. Dillingham, Alaska, 2009.
      Rally and testimony to Sir Mark Moody. Dillingham, Alaska, 2009.
      Pebble Mine Panel Discussion. Dillingham, Alaska, 2010.
      Protect the Bristol Bay March and Breakfast. Dillingham, Alaska, 2010.
     Testimony to State Legislature. Juneau, 2011.
     Congressional Offices and Environmental Protection Agency Testimony. Wash, D.C., 2012.
     Rally and testimony to Department of Natural Resources.  Dillingham, Alaska, 2013.
     Rally and testimony to EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy. Dillingham, Alaska, 2013.
     Nushtival Rally, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

Judd, Tammy. “Two-Sided Pebble Discussion United by Youths.” Bristol Bay Times. 28 January 2010.

“No Pebble Gold on our Fingers.” National Wildlife Federation. January 2010.

“Youth Track.” Wellness: Our Circle of Life. 28th Annual Rural Provider’s Conference. June 2011. pp. 11-13.

“Student Spotlight: Heidi Kritz.” Bristol Bay Times. May 2012.

“Dillingham, Sends Strong Message to Anglo-American Chair: ‘Fishing – not mining – our future.’” Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska. 29 March 2009.

“Si Kahn Works to Protect Bristol Bay.” Hearth Music.

“Alaskan Kids Say No to a Gold Mine.” Bryant Park Project. January 17, 2008.

“Dillingham Youth and Elders Celebration.” Alaska ICE News. May 2010. Volume 5, Issue 3.

“Green Shout Out.” Nickelodeon Green Shout Out.  2011. Televised segment in recognition of Rebels to Pebble.

Grant Experience

 Initiative for Community Engagement Grant, sponsored by Alaska Association School Board-   $40, 000 per year 4 years; budgeted, managed and implemented (2006-2011) through Dillingham School District.                   
First Alaskans Grant- $25,000, sponsored by First Alaskans Institute; applied for, budgeted, managed and implemented (2011) through Safe and Free Environment.

Alaskan Leaders Fisheries Foundation- $2500, AASB ICE Mini-Grant- $500, ANDSVA -$2000, BBEDC Arctic Tern- $6000, Neighborhood Initiative- $5000, Patagonia Grant- $10,000, BBEDC Intern Grant- $7000, TANF Grant- $6000, BBAHC Diabetes- $2000; applied for, budgeted, managed and implemented (2007-2014).

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