Teachable Moment

We, as educators, are obligated to have these discussions in our classrooms, not after school. I appreciate the forum after school, and I appreciate the treacherous waters you navigate, appeasing administrators, parents, etc., but I still think it needs to be said. These are the discussions that improve ourselves, our culture, and our democracy, and they should be at the forefront of what we spend our time on. Having them after school is a second best alternative. If this isn’t “core curriculum”, I don’t know what is.

Movement of Rank and File Educators


By Mr. S (Brooklyn high school teacher)

After the grand jury decision was released on the Mike Brown case and following the protests that have taken place in New York, a few of the teachers decided we have to do something. Actually the decision to do something about racism began a few years ago when teaching my criminal law class a young lady broke down and began crying about how she was stopped and frisked on a regular basis. From that moment until now we have been struggling with what we can do to try to bring some racial justice to our school, our city, our world.

This past Thursday, the day after the grand jury decision in the Garner case was announced, we decided to have an after-school discussion where our students were welcome to express their feeling on recent events in Staten Island, Ferguson, and their thoughts on…

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